I’m constantly writing music.  I have been for over 18 years.  I was mostly self-taught up until college when I focused my studies in composition and piano at Bennington College.  I’ve been all over the place from writing my first song on piano at the age of 11 called “Saturday Night Jazz Club” (sadly lost to the sands of time), to writing electronic pop songs using midi instruments, to composing classical chamber music (pieces for string quartet, piano trio, violin/piano, cello/piano, vibraphone/piano, solo piano and more), to writing pop/rock and folk/pop songs for various ensembles.  I love discovering new ways to orchestrate an idea or create different tonal qualities while keeping music relatable and enjoyable.

I’d love to work with you writing music for your needs.  To get an idea of my instrumental composition abilities you can check out some of my solo work: Licensing.  I’m particularly interested in working with people that align with my core values of Happiness, Beauty, Uniqueness, Passion, and Good.  Let’s work together to make the world a better place.


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