I understand the vast benefits of working on music you enjoy and more importantly music you choose to work on.  Growing up I was a mostly self-taught musician and used the music I loved to teach myself piano, theory, and composition.  Later I received my degree at Bennington College where I focused my studies on composition and added guitar to my instrument tool belt.  Since then I’ve done everything from classical to pop to folk to jazz.

I enjoy helping anybody experience the thrill of playing music themselves, but I particularly love helping adults.   Maybe they’ve dabbled over the years, but never thought they could really hack it or maybe they’re attempting to play for the first time after years of enjoying listening to music.  Adults can have the most negative associations with trying to play music, but can also experience the greatest joy from realizing that with the right perspective and guidance it actually is within their grasp.  I focus most of my time working with students learning pop, rock, indie, and folk songs, but I’m open to helping people with other styles as well.

Following a cookie cutter program can set you back due to lack of enthusiasm or kill your desire to learn music altogether.  That’s why in my lessons I personally tailor everything to fit your skill level while learning music that you want to play (no Twinkle, Twinkle or Mary Had A Little Lamb here.)  Your enthusiasm should be enough to motivate you to practice, not some bogus time quota to hit.  So contact me and let’s get you started on your music-making love affair.

I teach:

-Acoustic Guitar



-Composition (instrumental or electronic)

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“Matt is a marvelous teacher: insightful, patient, yet gently demanding. He was careful to understand the sort of music I wanted to learn and tailored our work together to match my interests. I’ve made more progress in two years than I had in the previous fifty. I would enthusiastically recommend him to any aspiring guitarist.”

-Jeff, guitar student

“Guitar lessons with Matt have been awesome! I started off as a beginner, only knowing about 4 basic chords. Matt let me pick songs I liked and wanted to learn. Gradually, I was able to play new chord formations, finger-picking and strum patterns while learning some music theory along the way. Even my musician/singer wife is thrilled that I can finally play well enough for her to sing along without awkward pauses and funny looks! Matt is also a great composer and one of his folk songs is already on my to-learn list. The progress I’ve made in just over a year has been amazing and I can’t wait to learn more!”

-Tristan, guitar student

“Kind, laid back but organized, knowledgeable, and a terrific teacher. You won’t regret signing up for lessons with Matt.”

-Judy, piano student